Families for Families Global Outreach

The Greenwoods Academy and Families for Families Global Outreach extend their thanks and appreciation for the support we received from the community during our school garage sale! Total proceeds for Families for Families Global Outreach were approximately $1300.00 – a very nice sum that went directly to provide shelter helping displaced people in the world.

About Family for Families

Families for Families Global Outreach is a non-profit campaign raising funds and awareness for displaced peopled around the world. Based on the premise that “the world is a village” and that we are a global family, the children of The Greenwoods Academy came up with the idea of families helping families. This campaign began in late January 2009 with an opening event covered by the media, where members of the community and local government representatives, past and present, were on hand to lend support to our cause.

Family Unit in Haiti The Greenwoods Academy has partnered with HousAll Systems and an international NGO, Partners In Health. Currently, the campaign is committed to sending prefabricated shelters to the people of Haiti, whose communities have been destroyed by a massive 7.0 earthquake, recent hurricanes and the ongoing fight against poverty. Our goal is to send 70 family units to Haiti . These units designed by HousAll Systems can serve as temporary shelters for up to 10 years. They are structurally sound, spacious, and promote a clean, healthy living environment. These shelters are easily constructed which require a minimal amount of maintenance and provide both a safe and dignified home for families.

Reports from Haiti indicate that the HousAll units currently used for schools and shelter survived the earthquake
Summer Camp Details.

In most Montessori(s) and other schools there is a curriculum of peace education that encourages children to find ways of bringing peace to their schools, homes, communities, and the world. It starts with a thought, becomes a word then manifests into a deed. The children become aware of their responsibility to take care of the Earth, other people and themselves. Upon becoming aware of the gross inequalities of life, and the desperate state of sub-standard living the children at The Greenwoods Academy responded compassionately. Through their fund raising efforts the children realize that they can make a difference for others less fortunate.

The children at The Greenwoods Academy are raising much needed funds through various HouAll Family Unit fundraising activities. Their initial project of creating and selling “Fairies of Hope” have raised over $800.00 and garnered much excitement in the media. Two local newspapers have carried their story as well as a television interview with CJOH TV. A video about Families for Families Global Outreach will also be appearing on U-Tube shortly. The children are busy with their next project, creating a quilt which will be auctioned off, all proceeds going towards the Families for Families Global Outreach campaign.

Summer Camp Details

We have encouraged other Montessori and private schools to join this campaign and have successfully recruited 7 local schools. We are seeking corporate sponsorship to help broaden the campaign to include other industries in the community in order to expand to a national and international level. We have the interest of the Governor General of Canada, Michaelle Jean, the former mayor of Ottawa, Bob Chirelli and the Haitian community of Ottawa.

Sponsorship can occur in many different forms. Families for Families Global Outreach wants to work with companies to create a mutually beneficial association. Reciprocity is an inherent part of giving. Even a child experiences that warm sense of purpose after helping another. With your support you become a part of our family helping other families.